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Report of the Jurimus Vienna meeting

Report of the Jurimus Vienna meeting by Manon Dezentjé (Marree en Dijxhoorn / NL) is available online via:



Vienna calling!

Being young member of an Eurojuris lawfirm enables you to take advantage of one of the network’s most valuable offers: The Jurismus International Meeting.

This year’s meeting will take place in Vienna from 16th - 18th June 2011. Convince your partners that this is a unique possibility to meet lawyers under 40 from all over Europe and elsewhere. Start to implement your personal network of people you can rely on with any cross-border referral. Have an inside look on the benefit of new technologies for lawyers and learn to know that a Jurismus Meeting is an experience you will never want to miss.

To know more and to register please go to:


See you in Vienna!


Next Jurismus International Meeting - June 2010

Save the day!!!

Next Jurismus International Meeting

June 25th-26th MAASTRICHT

2009 Jurismus Award

The 2009 Jurismus Award was given to:

- Herman NAEYAERT, Former EJI Board Member in charge of launching Jurismus International in 2001

- Robert WOLLWEBER, First President of Jurismus International (2001-2002), New EJI Board Member

Jurismussers in Malta

See all pictures on : www.eurojuris.net

Jurismus International Meeting - Pamplona - Video Report!!

Thanks to Arpa Abogados, let's connect to the Video Report of the event:


4 days left to register to the Jurismus International Meeting!!

Please note your registration to the Jurismus International Meeting (PAMPLONA - july 2009) has to be sent before May 1st.

Documentation and registration form are available on www.jurismus-international-meeting.com.
Thank you for spreading the word and make sure your lawfirm will be represented.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with EUROJURIS INTERNATIONAL (+32 2 502 1882 -
info@eurojuris.net) for any request.

Jurismussers: see you in Düsseldorf!

Dear all,

We will be able to meet all again during the EUROJURIS INTERNATIONAL Practice Group Days taking place in Düsseldorf on May 8th (18.30 - Jurismus Meeting).

Leave a comment to register!

See you all in Düsseldorf!



Ready for Innovation

President François HERPE's presentation on Jurismus during the Eurojuris International Meeting in Athens (October 23rd).

Jurismus International Meeting 2009: Pre-programme

PAMPLONA: July 3rd - 4th 2009

Please find our pre-programme and updated info on http://www.jurismus-international-meeting.com/

Jurismus in Athens

Jurismussers attending the Eurojuris International Meeting in Athens (October 23rd - 26th)organized the Jurismus stand.
Participants were able to play the Pamplona lottery: Hilary THORPE (UK) won a one-night stand in Pamplona for the next Jurismus International Meeting (July 4th- 7th 2009).


Jurismus Polska Congress awarded

At the Eurojuris International congress in Athens Jurismus Polska Congress in Ustroń was awarded as the BEST EVENT & TRAINING in 2008!

Congratulations and thanks once again to all persons who were involved in this project!

At the picture Polish delegation to Athens: Adam Krasue and Jarosław Ostrowski from Nowakowski i Wspólnicy representing Eurojuris Polska and Michał Badura and Sławomir Derek from Ślązak Zapiór i Partnerzy representing Jurismus Polska.


Jurismus Polska Congress

The first Jurismus Polska Congress took place in Ustroń, 3-5th October 2008. We were 26 Polish lawyers in total. We met in a SPA hotel, which made our stay even more attractive.

We started on Friday afternoon. First our colleagues Krzysztof Bąk and Piotr Ładoń (Nowakowski i Wspólnicy, Warszawa) gave a presentation on Polish competition law. The subject was that interesting, that we had a discussion on this matter. Next, Błażej Sarzalski (Ślązak, Zapiór i Partnerzy, Katowice) initiated a new form of networking, as he “forced” each of us to give a short talk on one of the subject matters we determined a moment earlier. This way the information about us were not limited to the law firm and the specialization.

Following, we spent the evening in Czarcie Kopyto (Devil’s hoof), where the tables were weighted down with the number of Polish delicacies and we were entertained by two lovely highlanders. We also found out who of us is the best in blowing the mountain horn.

Saturday morning we started with General Assembly. We watched a speech by the President of Eurojuris PolskaAdam Krause (Nowakowski i Wspólnicy, Warszawa). We were given a new task – drafting the general terms and conditions of providing services by EJP. We have chosen our National RepresentativeMarta Miszczuk (Nowakowski i Wspólnicy, Warszawa) was reelected.
Next, we had the opportunity to learn about business and social etiquette from Mr. Adam Jarczyński from Polish PR Agency, including clothing, behaviour in the office, protocol, as well as behaviour at the table, which we could test in practice immediately after the seminar.
The evening started with a dinner at the hotel, followed by disco with karaoke. Now we know, who sings the best and who – just loudly ;-)

We all want to express our acknowledgement and thanks to Sławomir Derek (Ślązak, Zapiór i Partnerzy, Katowice), who organized and watched over the congress. It’s a pity that you couldn’t make it. Next year we plan to make our Jurismus congress even more accessible, as it will probably take place in Gdańsk. We hope to meet you all there!


Coming next: Jurismus International Meeting JULY 2009 - PAMPLONA

A very unique experience will take place in Pamplona in July 2009!! And YOU are more than welcome to join us!

Learning how to approach and negotiate with foreign entrepreneurs is essential for all those firms with an international interest. Although nowadays there are less borders for people to do business all over the world, not all of them know the tips to make a good impression within the culture they are either approaching or approached by. Those tips about protocol within different countries and more so within market leading countries, will be put forward in the JURISMUS INTERNATIONAL MEETING at Pamplona.

You will learn the benefits from investing in a Spanish county with the best tax allowances in the country. The congress will take place in Navarre which is a Spanish county that keeps their own tax legislation among other advantages, which makes it quite attractive for foreign companies to invest.

You will have the chance to find out how the region’s entrepreneurs invest in your country as well as the opportunity to offer your assistance for their business abroad.
The NATIONAL RENEWABLE ENERGIES CENTRE (CENER) will open its doors only for JURISMUSSERS, you will discover what the novelties in such industry are and will have the chance to offer your collaboration to CENER’s lawyers for future projects.
And DO NOT miss the SAN FERMIN FESTIVAL!!! A once in a lifetime experience accompanied by locals!!! Accommodation and Congress will be located in Olite a nearby medieval village. Rooms at different medieval boutique hotels will be available.

COME ALONG!!! BE QUICK! First come first served!!


Exchange programme: Pierantonio PAULON in PARIS!

Pierantonio PAULON (TREVISO, ITALY) is currently spending a few weeks in Parisian lawfirm IFL-AVOCATS.

Pierantonio is taking the opportunity to write a franco-italian Guide which will be published by EUROJURIS FRANCE.

Olivier VIBERT, President of JURISMUS FRANCE, arranged appointments with other Parisian lawfirms and business contacts for his Italian colleague.

To get in touch with Pierantonio PAULON: http://www.paulon.eu/


The very first Jurismus Polska Congress!

Dear all,

please feel invited to the first Jurismus Polska Congress which will be held in beautiful Polish mountains 3-5th october 2008. The whole congress will be held in English and you will be accommodated in a brand new SPA Hotel Diamond! And there are many more attractions to enjoy!
Don't miss it!

Please visit our webpage to check out the programm and consult the map. http://eurojuris.pl/media.php?element=29&action=media&lang=2

Ustroń is a small town in the mountains, the nearest airports are Kraków and Katowice. We can organise transport from the airport, if needed.


Jurismus PARIS at the National Assembly

On July 2nd, EUROJURIS FRANCE organized for Parisian Jurismussers a meeting at the National Assembly.
Jurismussers were welcome by M. Jean-Yves Le Bouillonnec, Deputy and Mayor of CACHAN.
After a meeting on drawing up laws, Jurismussers were invited in the Benches of the Assembly.

The meeting ended with a VIP cocktail at La Questure.

See full article on: http://www.eurojuris.fr/fre/eurojuris-france/presentation/jurismus/actualites-jurismus/avocats-jurismus-assemblee.html

Next Jurismus France Meeting: November 14th-15th

The next Jurismus France meeting will take place in Château Suduiraut (BORDEAUX) on November 14th-15th.

The issue -based on oral and written pedagogy- is "Adapting communication towards non-legal clients".

Information and registration: marjolaine.ratier@eurojuris.fr


JURISMUS in the Press

The Norwegian Young Bar Association Magazine came to our Jurismus International Meeting. The article is now online: http://www.jurismus-international-meeting.com/souvenir.php


Jurismus invasion of embassies in Oslo

Oslo. June 5th-6th
Jurismussers organized cross-boarder meetings with their national Embassy.
Meetings were made with the French, Estonian, Polish, German, Spanish and Argentina Embassies.
A good way to promote national networks and lawfirms!
On the picture, from left to right:
- François HERPE, President of Jurismus International (CVS AVOCATS, PARIS)
- Olivier VIBERT, President of Jurismus France (IFL AVOCATS, PARIS)

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  • Jurismus is a competitive advantage when hiring young lawyers

    On June 6th, President Ottar Nilsen (EUROJURIS NORWAY) welcame participants to the meeting.
    Ottar Nilsen said Jurismus, in Norway, had become a competitive advantage when hiring lawyers.

    According to the Norwegian President, providing a friendly european experience and network to Associates allows firms to get new lawyers.

    We are -almost- the champions

    Another version of a potential hit: enjoy the video

    Jurismus International Meeting - Pictures

    All pictures of the meeting are now available on :


    "Money money money - It's a lawyers world"

    Thanks to the Niihau Table, Jurismus now has its own hymn. June 7th.

    Enjoy the video :-)


    Oslo meeting: Saturday night (June 7th)

    Please note we're going to have a HAWAII party (and not a Heroes party like it was written in the first version of the programme).

    Costume is compulsory - we'll elect the best Male costume and the best Female costume.


    Teaser: the 2009 meeting in Pamplona?

    Click on the video to watch the introduction of the presentation the "Pamplona team" made for Board Members.



    The EUROJURIS INTERNATIONAL MEETING in Krakow (May 1st - 4th) gave Jurismussers the opportunity to meet again.
    The word about the Oslo meeting was spread. VERY LAST DAYS TO REGISTER!!
    The Arpa Abogados law firm (Pamplona, SPAIN) made a presentation on what the Jurismus International Meeting 2009 could be during the Feria of San Fermin.
    The Board will decide on the 2009 destination in Oslo (June 5th-6th). So may you feel interested in welcoming the meeting, please let us know at: info@jurismus.com.


    Polish employment law

    The first Guide produced by Jurismussers!

    During her work placement in Paris, Marta MISZCZUK (NOWAKOWSKI I WSPOLNICY S.J.) contributed to a Guide called "Le Contrat de travail en Pologne" (Employment contract in Poland). Agathe BLANC DE LA NAULTE and Frank BROQUET (IFL AVOCATS) helped for translation.

    The Guide is now available here.

    Marta MISZCZUK



    Jurismus France : Regional meeting on the 16th of May in Rennes

    Jurismus France will organize on May 16th 2008 a regional meeting for Jurismussers in Rennes, West of France.

    The meeting will concern two topics :

    - The law market and its opportunities in France,
    - Lawyers and companies : keys for a better relation.

    Many thanks for the great teamwork of Julien Dervillers (member of Eurojuris France, and associate in a law Firm in Rennes called DML Avocats) and the famous Marjolaine Ratier.

    More information : info@jurismus.com

    Olivier Vibert, President of Jurismus France


    Eurojuris Polska has set up its web page!

    I'm happy to inform you that Eurojuris Polska has created its own web page! Please, feel invited to visit it to learn not only about Polish law firms - members of Eurojuris, but also about the legal professions and the career path of a lawyer in Poland. Our web page was created by Polish Jurismusers and it is available in English, German, French and Polish!

    Go to http://www.eurojuris.pl/ to find out more.


    A brand new web site for Pierantonio Paulon, TREVISO, EUROJURIS ITALY

    Pierantonio Paulon (TREVISO - ITALY) is launching his brand new website.

    All pages are translated into 5 languages.

    Have a look and comment!

    Pierantonio PAULON



    EUROJURIS Young lawyers : A step ahead
    by François HERPE, President of JURISMUS INTERNATIONAL

    Dear Colleagues

    Since January 1st, I have the honour to run the management of the Jurismus International Network.

    The latest elections (November 2007) also gave our group the opportunity to strengthen the Board, which is now leaded by 6 more young forces: Niko GEIBEN (SAARLOUIS, GERMANY), Olivier VIBERT (PARIS, FRANCE), Rasmus LUND (COPENHAGEN, DENMARK), Tim BECKER (DARMSTADT, GERMANY), Victoria CAELLES (BREMEN, GERMANY), Stefan DAUBNER (DUSSELDORF, GERMANY) and our Secretary General Marjolaine RATIER (PARIS, FRANCE).

    Former Presidents Robert WOLLWEBER, Valérie CREVECOEUR, Thilo GRUTSCHNIG and Rasmus LUND have set up and developed this 8-year old group on national and international levels. Their efforts have made concrete results:

    • National Representatives are named in 12 countries,
    • Management of the network is now guaranteed thanks to Board members,
    • Our International Meeting (June) –one country in charge each year- is more and more attractive, with more than 50 participants last year,
    • National Jurismus events take place in Germany, Austria, Poland, France,
    • We have set up communication tools such as the Newsletter, the blog and the forum,
    • And last but not least: business does work!

    This last point deserves an explanation for those who did not attend the Budapest meeting (2007). We were able to show relevant figures about the business made within Jurismus, since we carry out a survey on the issue each year. In 2007, more than 109 000 € were dealt between 16 young lawyers. Jurismus is a small network where people know and trust each other.

    More than fun and pleasure to meet again, Jurismus is a tool any of you can use. Associate or Partner, Jurismus is :

    • an international training for lawyers
    • a first step inside the EUROJURIS network
    • a force for EUROJURIS National Organizations
    • a platform for B2B and B2C.

    According to the latest session we had with the Jurismus International Board (feb 16th), our next main goals should be:

    • Consolidating & developing the network
      - Strengthening national networks
      - Changing age limit, to be able to welcome lawyers till 40
      - Increasing presence of Jurismussers during EUROJURIS national and international events, and national organizations
      - Improving communication towards partners
    • Generating new business
      - Increasing business efficiency of national & international activities
      - Warning Jurismussers on trends
      - Creating international business

    Most of all, Jurismus is now a wonderful place for creativity in business where each one of you can take part. I will be very happy to welcome you to our next Jurismus International meeting in Oslo (June 5th- 8th) http://www.jurismus-international-meeting.com/.

    Let’s also participate to our forum: http://jurismus.freeforum.org/ and keep in touch with our blog : http://www.jurismus.blogspot.com/.

    Best regards,

    François HERPE

    President of Jurismus International


    Jurismus turns 40!

    EUROJURIS INTERNATIONAL agreed with the suggestion made by the Board of Jurismus International : Allowing lawyers to join Jurismus till 40 (instead of 35).

    This may guarantee that:

    • lawyers from all countries of Europe may join, no matter how long studies last;

    • young partners can participate to the network;

    • Memberships last longer and this may consolidate the network during next years.

    Please spread the word !!


    Jurismus International Meeting - OSLO June 5-8th 2008

    Register to the next

    Jurismus International Meeting

    before April 30th!!

    Programme and details on:



    Olivier VIBERT is President of Jurismus France since January 1st 2008

    Olivier VIBERT


    President of JURISMUS FRANCE


    Dear Colleagues

    I am very glad to succeed François HERPE in the management of Jurismus France.

    The Board of Jurismus France is now set up with Julien DERVILLERS (DML, Rennes) and Marjolaine RATIER (EUROJURIS FRANCE).

    Our wish is to:
    • organize local Jurismus meetings (the next one will take place in Brittany)
    • welcome lawyers till 40
    • think about having Jurismus France tools (specific blogs or newsletter)
    • organize the next Jurismus France meeting (October 17th-18th)

    I wish more and more French lawyers will attend international meeting and I will make sure good promotion is made on the Oslo meeting.

    See you soon!


    Jurismus Germany: report on our meeting (Feb 15th - 16th 2008), by Tim BECKER (DARMSTADT)

    Jurismus Germany Meeting - Berlin

    This year's national meeting of Jurismus Germany took place in Berlin (15 - 16 February 2008). Its aim was to open young colleagues the opportunity to exchange ideas about networking and everyday’s legal work. After an extraordinary visit of the nation’s President’s residence “Schloß Bellevue” with a guided tour by the President’s Chief of Protocol the participants met at the law office of Ziefle - v. Bothmer – Heichel, where Tim Becker gave a presentation on warning letters and preliminary procedures – a very specific part of the German law of practice. At the following dinner participants had the opportunity to further discuss all aspects of this exceptional German law feature and to tighten the network with the other attendees which had joined not only from all over Germany, but also from Austria, France, Italy and Poland.

    The next day was opened by a speech of Thomas Köhler who gave straight tips to master one’s basics of insolvency law, especially those dedicated to the lawyer-client relation. The following discussion focused on upcoming challenges for Jurismus, both national and international. It was introduced by a short presentation of François Herpe, President of Jurismus International, and International Board Member Niko Geiben’s report on last year’s international events. Moreover, Marta Miszczuk (Nowakowski i Wspólnicy, Warsaw), National Representative of Poland, gave insides into the newly established network of Eurojuris Poland. Participants shared their ideas of an innovative and living national network. Mike Bergemann then closed the meeting with a presentation of Baumann & Wilschke’s Berlin law office.


    Jurismus Exchange Programme: Marta MISZCZUK (Nowakowski i Wspólnicy s.j. - VARSAW, POLAND) in Paris

    Marta MISZCZUK

    Nowakowski i Wspólnicy s.j.


    Marta is currently making a 3-week placement in PARIS, at IFL lawfirm.

    Olivier VIBERT, National Representative of JURISMUS FRANCE has been organizing Marta's stay so that she will be able to meet EUROJURIS FRANCE' lawyers as well as Franco-polish institutions.

    Marketing at NORDIA LAWFIRM (DENMARK), by Rasmus LUND

    We have a general marketing strategy contained in a so-called “strategy paper” describing the overall strategy and marketing strategy of the firm. The partner in charge of marketing regularly follows up towards each law firm department and the head of each department follows up towards the employees in that department.

    In terms of advertisement, we paid for a series of advertisements in a special professional branch magazine called “DesignMatters” for and we used this to opportunity to have several personal interviews with us in other sections of the magazine. I enclose an example of the adverts.

    I don’t think you get a new client only because you advertise, but combined with other activities and networking the adverts help you getting known and gives you a kind of “official recognition” in the market.

    So far we have only made dinners, lunches etc, but in some cases we have invited different client in the same branch or with same interest to a common dinner. We are planning to make symposia inviting other professionals as speakers and then a large group of clients as guests. It is important not only to talk business, but to get a better personal relation, because this creates trust between you and the client. The outcome is positive, because during a dinner you get a chance to talk much more and develop ideas than during a normal meeting.

    My personal marketing plan is presently under construction. It will be a plan describing what new clients to pitch on, what branches to be known in, what networks to join, a number of articles to be published. I will be part of our “Pharma-Lifescience” department and this department will have an overall marketing plan to be concretised in individual plans for each employee in this department. On a regularly basis (every week or month) the head of each department coaches each employee in relation to his/her personal plan.

    The mere effort of writing down some activities and goals and to do follow up will always make you do an effort in a stressful day where clients and busy cases normally takes most of the time. If you systemize and work a according to the plan, you will get results. Many of our existing clients have come as a new client a consequence of a specific marketing activity. The same applies for selling for services to existing client.

    Rasmus LUND, Lawyer (Copenhagen - DENMARK)